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finally a design shoe rack

Cielo mio marito! is a shoe rack designed by Roberto Paoli.

Who said that there isn’t a beautiful shoe rack on the market?

“Cielo mio marito!” (this is the name) is the first shoe rack that will not hide behind a door or in a closet.

Cielo mio marito! Plays with the idea of conjugal infidelity, it is a container closed with a fabric curtain. At the bottom a man’s feet are seen to stick out from underneath, they belong to the lover, hiding due to the husband’s unexpected arrival.

The feet are actually a wax cast and behind the fabric there are compartments to hold shoes, a large storage space for about 24 items of footwear.

The presence of feet on the floor is also a direct reference to the function of the object. Opening the curtain in fact it turns out that there is no hidden lover but rather the explanation for the use of the product: thin pairs of steel rods run along its length whereupon the shoes are to be placed.

For women who have a husband who complains that he does not know where to put his shoes, this is the perfect gift!



a seat to shape

Marlin is a chair designed by Roberto Paoli.

The greatest poets have often found their greatest inspiration in nature. Nature is something that does not depend on us, but, on the contrary, we are fully influenced by it.

Like a poet the designer is sometimes inspired by nature to give life to his creations. Roberto Paoli was inspired by the marine world to create Marlin, a chair that formally interprets sleek and supple sea anemones.

Just as the sea anemone establishes symbiotic relationships with other organisms, like green algae and clownfish, Marlin similarly provides a morphological alliance with the user.

In fact Marlin requires indispensable interaction with a human to assume a totally new aspect. Free to manipulate the arms that make up the chair, he may model the shape, just like the marine current shapes the anemone’s tentacles.

Marlin is made ​​with spokes of steel, coated with painted polyurethane foam making the seat soft and comfortable.

The spokes are gathered in the leg then widening form the seat and seat-back at the top, while at the bottom they create a stable base.

The strong aesthetic impact of Marlin makes every type of environment unique animating it like a domestic seabed



sitting in balance

Wok is a collection of multicolored chairs designed by Roberto Paoli.

It is a project that seems to defy the laws of physics: three hemispheres rest in a seemingly precarious balance, each one on top of the other, balancing on each other.

Wok is formally based on the image that a bowl describes in the air when in free fall. This particular form that gives the object its uniqueness, is conjugated in two different proposals: a chair and a stool. Both versions feature wrap-around seating that can comfortably accommodate the user. The stool also provides a metal insert on the lower edge of the intermediate hemisphere that acts as a footrest so as to not damage the plastic surface.

Wok is made ​​of plastic material in rotational moulding and is available in different colours.



the chair with the tail

Tail is a seating collection designed by Roberto Paoli.

The designer’s work is carried out largely in the observation of the world around us and Tail has taken inspiration from the animal world.

If we think of an animal with a particularly strong tail, all of us are reminded of the kangaroo, one of the few animals that manages to entirely support its weight using only its tail. The animal uses its tail as a spring for jumping or as a support to rest upon. This is probably the concept that inspired Roberto Paoli and suggetsed the product Tail: the person who sits on this chair appears to have a tail supporting them.

In a sort of mythology of today’s design the user becomes a funny centaur, half human half kangaroo.

Roberto Paoli emphasizes the integration between the object and the man suggesting an anthropomorphic synergy between two entities that are never complementary. The object for Roberto Paoli becomes an extension of the user who enjoys using it to turn into what he is not.

It is a play of sophisticated balances, it was not easy to solve to create a one-leg chair with a circular support on the ground creating a rigid support base.

This singular shape that makes the object unique, is conjugated in three different proposals: armchair, stool and small stool.

The chair has a seat that comfortably wraps around the user.

The stool is provided with a slightly snug fitting body and a curly tail that goes back upwards to form a practical footrest.

The small stool completes the collection providing a space-saving seat.

All the seating of the Tail collection is made with a tail of painted steel in a matte finish and a seat of injection-molded plastic.



a seating suspended in the air

Hanging is a chair designed by Roberto Paoli.

It is a project with strong visual impact: soft fabric keeps the seat suspended in the air.

The designer dresses himself like a magician but reveals the trick: a thin tubular metal structure rises up as an irregular trellis, until it merges with the seat.

The body that welcomes the user has a cut in the back, a smile in which to place the fabric that hides the structure as it drapes and falls to the ground.

Hanging is made of polycarbon with the seat padding covered with tone on tone. There are different colours for both the seating and the fabric allowing a high degree of customization.